Cage Match: Round Three
April 6–April 8, 2012
Promotional photo by Flickr user Nicogenin.
A Nicolas Cage movie marathon for charity.
Match Begins at 9PM
Apr 8
Match 3 reflections

So the third annual Cage Match was a resounding success, as we knew it would be.

Some noteworthy events, in no particular order:

1. We maxed out our stream limit at 50 concurrent online viewers at one point around 3pm Saturday, during the Weatherman.
2. We saw Moonstruck, which while kinda unremarkable in its own right, was nice for the psyches of the Matchers. That is, none of us have to be embarrassed anymore when we’re explaining what the Cage Match is and people ask “oh what did you think about Peggy Sue Got Married / Honeymoon in Vegas blahblahblah” and we have to say no, we haven’t seen it. Moonstruck was far and away the most common offender here, and it was always painful to have to explain that because we don’t watch new Cage films outside of the match, we were still unexposed to about 1/3 of his films. Finally we’re able to talk about them all (almost).
3. We got international viewership, with people tuning in from England, Switzerland, and more.
4. We had more people come visit than ever before; we had 8-12 people watching live in our apartment for almost the whole match, with the exception of early Saturday morning.
5. We caught ourselves up on movies that have came out since the Match came into existence in 2010. It’s been pretty painful to have to hold out on things like Seeking Justice and Drive Angry in theaters; helpfully Cage gave us a hand on this front with Trespass by ensuring it was released straight-to-DVD, thereby taking away that temptation.
6. The end of Birdy. What.
7. Time to Kill registers itself as the first movie in Match history wherein half of the watchers went to sleep and the other half intensely regretted not doing so. It opened witih a rape scene and went downhill from there. Ugh.
8. Trespass: Ben — “The whole movie I was tense because I never once understood what the fuck was going on!”
9. The live conclusion… we were so delirious and the movie was so wonderfully bad but we were all just so excited. It’s a movie where all the characters are involved in a hostage situation where literally nobody is actually allied with anybody else, for the duration of the movie. It’s amazing and terrible and hilarious all at once and proved a fantastic finale.

Also it’s not really a singular event but I just wanna personally record how happy I was with the livestream and streamchat specifically. This year we propagated through social media and online communities moreso than the traditional news approach that got us in trouble last year. Specifically this took the shape of a blog post on Teamliquid and two reddit posts to /r/onetruegod (a Nic Cage subreddit, obviously) and /r/homestuck (for which the Cage connection only makes sense if you’ve read it). As a consequence in addition to our friends from home tuning in, we had a solid base of 15 or so at minimum, but usually around 20 random people from around the internet tuning in and providing a running commentary on the movies which was really helpful to the end of holding the live matchers’ attentions and keeping us awake. I even met and got to chat with multiple other homestuck-reading, starcraft-playing Cage fans, which I never expected would ever happen because that’s a pretty damn specific subset of people no matter how you slice it.

Special shoutouts to our longest-running online viewers of Celia, Eliot, and English starcrafter xccam, who all logged around/over twelve hours of online Cage-watchin’ goodness. Also shoutouts to Angrybacon, all of the guys who helped spread news of the Match via tumblr (which I’ll have to stop judging and actually check out sometime, at least for homestuck-goodness), and hallowvortex specifically who drew cage-related live sketches for the chat, including masterpieces like cage firing a gun with his mouth, eigafigmoafac, Cage as Mass Effect’s Shepard, and more.

Apr 6
Livestream up

We’re live, ladies and gentlemen

Apr 6
Crunch time

Hey all. Cage Match III is live in a little under two hours now. 16 more films, all new to the Cage Match… which is to say that yes, there are 48 distinct movies in which Nicolas Cage plays the lead (or close to it, as was the case in Deadfall last year). And after tonight, we Matchers will have seen them all. This will be hours 60-90 of direct exposure to Nicolas’s unique style of cinematic mastery, folks. It’s going to be an incredible run, and we’d love to share it with you — so come over or tune into the livestream, and experience the joy that only 30 consecutive hours of Cage movies can bring you.

-The Cage Match Team

Logistical thangz:

Time: We’re looking to start up at 9:00 CST, to be running until approximately 3am on Sunday.
Place: The Cage @ Green Door on Clark St, apt 1W.
Attendance policy: Open and free, as per usual. We knew our venue would be smaller this year so we deliberately didn’t publicize nearly as much as we have in the past. That said, we have seating for at least a dozen or so people, and visiting/staying is highly encouraged. We’ve got food and drink and stupidly comfortable couches. Come hang out.
Livestream: Workin’ on it. Should be really pretty this year. Stay tuned — link will be here or live at the top soon.
Movies / Schedule:

Valley Girl (1983) — 9:00pm–10:39pm Friday. Runtime 1:39
Birdy (1984) — 10:39pm–12:39am Saturday. Runtime 2:00
The Boy in Blue (1986) — 12:39am-2:19am Saturday. Runtime 1:40
Peggy Sue Got Married (1986) — 2:19am-4:02am Saturday. Runtime 1:43
Moonstruck (1987) — 4:02am-5:44am Saturday. Runtime 1:42
Tempo di uccidere (1989) — 5:44am-7:34am Saturday. Runtime 1:50
Honeymoon in Vegas (1992) — 7:34am-9:10am Saturday. Runtime 1:36
Guarding Tess (1994) — 9:10am-10:46am Saturday. Runtime 1:36
It Could Happen To You (1994) — 10:46am-12:27pm Saturday. Runtime 1:41
Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (2001) — 12:27pm-2:38pm Saturday. Runtime 2:11
The Weather Man (2005) — 2:38pm-4:20pm Saturday. Runtime 1:42
World Trade Center (2006) — 4:20pm-6:29pm Saturday. Runtime 2:09
Season of the Witch (2011) — 6:29pm-8:04pm Saturday. Runtime 1:35
Drive Angry (2011) — 8:04pm-9:48pm Saturday. Runtime 1:44
Seeking Justice (2011) — 9:48pm-11:33pm Sunday. Runtime 1:45
Trespass (2011) — 11:33pm-1:04am Sunday. Runtime 1:31

For more info/imdb links/pretty pictures of our stack’o'cagefilms, check out our movies page.

Oh I just realized: if you’re reading this page for the first time / don’t know us personally, that stuff below about last year’s Cage Match being cancelled was a bunch of BS we had to post in order to make our school’s administration happy. The Match proceeded without a hitch, just rather sneakily, and I can’t post what the old venue was. But since this year is in our private residence we get full broadcasting rights so that won’t be an issue again. Cheers!

Nov 3
The Cage Match III: the Final Showdown

Third time’s the charm.

Alright, so listen. You know the record? The record isn’t prepared for how straight I’m about to set it.

Here’s how last year’s match went down:
1) We planned things pretty far in advance.

2) About a week before the match we ramped up our publicity dramatically, which was met — in kind — and amplified by various news organizations. A combination of this surge of reporting and our first-ever flyering efforts landed us in the crosshairs of the Northwestern administration, for whom the match was basically just too awesome to handle. Like, their basic sentiment was that “we are not sure our campus can feasibly contain something this unequivocally badass so you’re going to have to cancel.” Also there was the whole the-CRC-dorm-isn’t-a-private-residence debacle which meant that we would have maybe been violating public broadcasting laws, but that stuff was basically just the official line provided to cover for aforementioned sentiment of deep embarrassment and shame the administration felt when they realized they had not come up with anything nearly as awesome as the Cage Match in, um, ever.

3) We didn’t actually cancel the match, obviously, but we had to change its venue, say we canceled it, and take down our donation link. While we still enjoyed the match, it was heartbreaking that the new screening location had severely limited space, which hindered our ability to invite people to join in the joy that is Nicolas. The lack of donation potential also struck a particularly sour note with us Matchers.

Here’s why that matters:
We learned some lessons. We’re looking into bringing in speakers to secure educational fair-use broadcasting privileges. We’re going to figure out exactly how this interacts with charity drives, and come up with a squeaky-clean, university-acceptable way to solicit donations for the Match. You know why we’re doing all this? Because if it wasn’t obvious yet…

Today, we are proud and excited to announce the new-and-improved third annual Cage Match.


  • 16 movies.
  • 30 hours.
  • Streaming a la Cage Match Two
  • Open attendance a la Cage Match One
  • A committed and interactive charity component driven through movie sponsorships, paid stream shout-outs, and more
  • A lot of motherfucking Nicolas Cage

This is Geoff, Ben, and my senior year; it is our last Match as Northwestern students; it is going to be special. If all goes as planned, come April 8th we will have watched 48 Cage Movies watched in 3 sittings, which honestly has got to be some sort of record. And we can’t wait for you to join us.

Mar 31
The Cancelled Match

Inevitably, as is so often the case in this day and age, fun ideas are simply not long for this world.

First of all, we’d like to deeply thank anyone who expressed interest in the event, but we have some bad news.

We regret to inform all potential participants that there will be no Cage Match this weekend; the event as it was scheduled was in violation of both University policy and United States federal copyright law.
We still love Nicolas and look forward to either securing movie rights in the future or finding some other way to honor him, and as always we encourage you to secure and watch as many of his movies in the privacy of your own home as you can. We can no longer in good faith accept donations to the site, as we will not be completing the marathon as pledged. For this, we are deeply apologetic. It was never our intention to mislead anyone, though if it eases the pain somewhat you are welcome to think of the whole thing as an elaborate April fool’s joke.

The Cage Match Team

~This morning the University found our poster somewhere, and sent the following email:

Good afternoon. We recently learned about the plans for the “Cage Match: Round Two.” Though we appreciate the charitable nature of the event, I am writing to ensure that you know of the laws/policies surrounding public movie viewing. Because it is unclear that all applicable laws and policies were followed, it will be necessary for you to cancel and/or postpone this event until we receive documentation that you have secured the licensing rights.

Page 48 of the student handbook states, “Regardless of the number of people in the room and the cost of entry to the video, unless students are in the privacy of their own home, they may not show a rented or purchased video. A Public Performance Site License is a site-based license that allows entertainment films that are produced for ‘home use only’ to be exhibited in a specific public setting. Exhibitions of a video to groups outside the privacy of a home setting can be construed as a public showing that, absent authorization, may constitute copyright infringement. Such performances require specific permission from the copyright owner.”

Because you plan to show these videos outside of your private residence, you need to secure appropriate licensing. Have you done this? If so, please provide us with documentation that you have done so.

Also, no one may use the CRC screening room without authorization and without sponsorship from a CRC member. In talking with the leadership of the Communications Residential College, you have not secured approval to use the CRC screening room for this event.

Please know that it is the expectation of Northwestern University that the movie marathon not happen as advertised. To do so may constitute a violation of university policy and may be prohibited under federal copyright laws.

If you wish to sponsor this event at another time or location on campus, you need to do two things:

* Secure all appropriate movie rights
* Secure an approved venue for the event

To secure movie rights, you can contact either of the following organizations and ask for the Northwestern University representative:

* Swank Motion Pictures – (800) 876-5577
* Criterion Pictures Inc. – (800) 890-9494

To secure an approved venue, you should contact the group or department responsible for the venue. In the case of CRC, you can contact the executive board CRC. You can find their information at

Furthermore, you would need to be able to provide with documentation that you have secured the licensing rights and venue.

If you have questions about this, you can contact me at the information below or you can contact the Office of Student Conduct at 847-491-4582.

Mar 31
Movie Sponsorships

Our enthusiasm for Nicolas continues to be matched by the Northwestern Community.

Accordingly, we’re proud to announce a movie sponsorship program — if you pledge a $20 donation to Amnesty, we will shout out your name and a brief (appropriate) message of your choice at the front of the screening room before your selected movie begins to play. Make sure you donate through our link at the top (or here), so that we can track it.

We’re going to be livestreaming, so it could potentially be seen by a decent number of people. Plus, it’s a really nice thing to do.

Our first sponsor is Mr. Benjamin Berkman, a scholar and a gentleman who has gone above and beyond the call of Cage and pledged $40 to sponsor Deadfall, set to be played at midnight on Saturday.

We hope to see a few more sponsorships get claimed by the time the match starts (barely over 24 hours from now!), but we’ll also be accepting sponsorship requests during the match itself through the livestreamed chat that will also be accessible from this page, set to go online by 6.45pm tomorrow.

Until then, feel free to claim a sponsorship in the comments below or by mailing your name, donation amount and message to be announced to


EDIT: So yeah, we got canceled. This sucks, hard. But poor Benjamin (not Ben from the Match) invested $40 bucks in this sponsorship! Goddamn, right? So we’re giving him the Deadfall DVD, signed by the creators of the match as a token of our apology. We’re really sorry.

Mar 30
Cage Match Tracker

During the match we will be keeping a running tally of the many roles Nic takes on.

We are looking for ideas for what to keep track of.  Post any additional suggestions you might have in the comments below and we will try to incorporate as many as possible.  Some we have come up with:

  • Number of Cage Deaths.
  • Number of Cage Rebirths.
  • Number of Cage Sex Scenes.
  • Number of Cage Flip Outs.
  • Number of Drugged up Cage Scenes.
  • Number of Caged up Cage (Jail) Scenes.

Also — more detailed logistical info coming as soon as we can get some sleep. Today has been insane — we’ve been featured on CBS Chicago, Yahoo News, Evanston Patch, all sorts of stuff. Kevin did a radio interview at 7:30 this morning. This is getting way bigger than expected way faster than expected, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Stay tuned.

Mar 30
Call for Donations

Please make all donations using the link at the top right of the site.  We will be posting a tally at the beginning, middle and end of the match.

As a reminder the raised money will be going towards Amnesty International. This choice was indirectly made by Nic himself, who previously donated $2 million to establish a fund to help former child soldiers. Mr. Cage has also in the past supported Amnesty International’s Control Arms Campaign and Stop Violence Against Women Campaign. We feel that this makes Amnesty International the most worthy acceptor.

Please donate through our link so it will be counted toward the running total.

If you have any questions or concerns about donations feel free to contact us.

Mar 28
The Cage Match II: The Reckoning

The Cage Match: Round Two

Because once is never enough. Hell, sixteen aren’t even enough. That’s why we’re pushing to thirty two.

Uh huh.

This is happening. Thirty more hours of panicked expressions, of freakouts and shining non sequiters,  of the most refreshingly uncompromising acting imaginable.

The Match is coming to a classroom (or livestream) near you. Specifically, it’s coming once again to the Communications Residential College — and it’s doing it soon. Real soon.

We could not be happier to announce that the Cage Match II is going down this Friday, April 1st—3rd, 2011. The event will run from 7pm on Friday until 1am Sunday. Believe me when I say with all the earnestness that such an event can muster — We we we so excited. We so excited.

It’s short notice, sure, but that’s not a big deal. Upon receipt of this glorious news we are trusting people to immediately cancel all prior obligations for this weekend, drop everything and come bask in the virtual presence of the one and only NC.  If only, right? Nah seriously we welcome everyone to stop by at least for a flick or two. Can’t sleep? Come watch Cage. Need to kill some time before you go out for the night on Friday? Come watch Cage. Saturday brunch feeling dull? Come watch Cage and eat bagels. Hella bagels.

This match is all new. Check it out –

103min – Vampire’s Kiss (1988)
100min – Zandalee (1991)
98min – Red Rock West (1993)
98min – Deadfall (1993)
111min – Trapped in Paradise (1994)
98min – Snake Eyes (1998)
114min – City of Angels (1998)
121min – Bringing Out The Dead (1999)
125min – The Family Man (2000)
134min – Windtalkers (2002)
116min – Matchstick Men (2003)
122min – Lord of War (2005)
96min – Next (2007)
124min – National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007)
122min – The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans (2009)
109min – The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2010)

Our star, of course, takes the leading role in all of them. And though it pains me personally to see classics like The Wicker Man go, it was unanimously decided among Ben, Geoff and I that this match would be completely fresh. Don’t worry, though; senior year’s (you think I’m kidding) match will probably be a best-of, and come hell or high water The Wicker Man is getting watched again.

We’ve already got about six registered participants, and always happy to expand. If you’re man enough (or woman enough, in fairness) and would like to push through the entire match with us, feel free to drop us a comment or a line at If you’re just coming for a few movies, just show up! Despite nearly overwhelming evidence to the contrary, we’re actually pretty normal people, and would be more than happy to meet fellow Cage fans on campus, film enthusiasts, drunk people wandering in from the Keg, you name it. Hell, you don’t even have to talk to us, just come and collectively enjoy the wonder that is Nicolas.

Jun 7
Brace yourselves

Serious talk of a second match has begun, perhaps as a side effect of finals week delirium. This notwithstanding, all signs indicate that thirty hours of Cage buffoonery just were not sufficient to quench our desire.

The Cage Match II: Coming soon.