Cage Match: Round Three
April 6–April 8, 2012
Promotional photo by Flickr user Nicogenin.
A Nicolas Cage movie marathon for charity.
Match Begins at 9PM
Mar 7
The Cage Match is over! Huge success!

Thanks to everyone who attended, donated to, or positively encouraged The Cage Match! We just finished and are going to bed right now, so we’ll do final update after our recovery.

Mar 5
The Cage Match Starts Now

The Cage Match is now running. We’ll be giving updates between movies. Head to Livestream for the streaming video. Come to CRC to drop by; we can fit a lot more people now that we’re in the big lounge.

Edit: An anonymous user just informed us of his/her Livestream account, which will be playing the actual movies, at the same time we’ll be watching them.

Mar 4
Happy Cage Match Eve

With The Cage Match just around the corner, and our new Facebook event set up, we thought we would clarify all of the details:

  • Start: 7pm March 5, 2010.
  • End: 1am March 7, 2010.
  • Length: 30 hours, 20 minutes.
  • Venue: CRC, Screening Room.
  • Movies: See Movies.
  • Livestream: Not online yet… keep checking!
  • Rules: None.

The online stream will go up when the first movie starts. If you are going to show up for a film or two, us full-length attendees won’t be able to continually let you in. Security begins at 8:30pm and ends at 5:30am, so in that window, you need to find your own way into CRC. Otherwise, feel free to drop in and get some Cage.

Jan 30
Donations Now Online

After working with Amnesty International, we have set up a way to track users donating directly. Now you can begin donating to the cause! We would like to note that us attendees are funding the marathon ourselves; 100% of the funds raised on the web go towards Amnesty International. Unlike Nicolas’s character in Lord of War, we all recognize the need for consistent human rights around the world.  By donating to Amnesty International, you can help us protect human rights and ensure that our Nicolas Cage movie marathon is a success.

Jan 10
Picking a Charity

The charity for this event has been chosen as Amnesty International. Of all of the choices for charities, Amnesty International was picked on the basis that Nicolas Cage himself donated $2 million to establish a fund to help former child soldiers, as well as supporting Amnesty International’s Control Arms Campaign and Stop Violence Against Women Campaign.

See Donate for donation information.

Jan 9
The Movie List

After much deliberation, the organizers have finally decided upon a movie list. The selections vary greatly, from left-field character pieces to action blockbusters, and we tried to evenly represent the many onscreen faces of Nicolas Cage. Our only regret is that we can’t watch them all. The total movie list is 16 movies long, and clocks in at almost exactly 30 hours.

See Movies for the full list.

Jan 8
Up and Running

Our website for The Cage Match is now up and running. With 3 attendees registered even before the site went up, we’re expecting an amazing turnout to this marathon. Nicolas Cage truly is an actor incomparable with any other, and his films have touched the lives of many, so we are all looking forward to paying homage to this American hero.

We haven’t yet selected a date, venue, film list, or charity to donate to, but these details will be coming shortly. Promotional material will be made available in the weeks before the marathon, and a live video stream will be available on the internet on the day of the event.