Cage Match: Round Three
April 6–April 8, 2012
Promotional photo by Flickr user Nicogenin.
A Nicolas Cage movie marathon for charity.
Match Begins at 9PM
Mar 30
Cage Match Tracker

During the match we will be keeping a running tally of the many roles Nic takes on.

We are looking for ideas for what to keep track of.  Post any additional suggestions you might have in the comments below and we will try to incorporate as many as possible.  Some we have come up with:

  • Number of Cage Deaths.
  • Number of Cage Rebirths.
  • Number of Cage Sex Scenes.
  • Number of Cage Flip Outs.
  • Number of Drugged up Cage Scenes.
  • Number of Caged up Cage (Jail) Scenes.

Also — more detailed logistical info coming as soon as we can get some sleep. Today has been insane — we’ve been featured on CBS Chicago, Yahoo News, Evanston Patch, all sorts of stuff. Kevin did a radio interview at 7:30 this morning. This is getting way bigger than expected way faster than expected, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Stay tuned.

Mar 30
Call for Donations

Please make all donations using the link at the top right of the site.  We will be posting a tally at the beginning, middle and end of the match.

As a reminder the raised money will be going towards Amnesty International. This choice was indirectly made by Nic himself, who previously donated $2 million to establish a fund to help former child soldiers. Mr. Cage has also in the past supported Amnesty International’s Control Arms Campaign and Stop Violence Against Women Campaign. We feel that this makes Amnesty International the most worthy acceptor.

Please donate through our link so it will be counted toward the running total.

If you have any questions or concerns about donations feel free to contact us.

Feb 16
Some Updates

As the big day approaches, we have some updates about The Cage Match. We are going to be hosting it in a screening room at CRC.

We’ve got online streaming ready to go. For obvious copyright reasons, we can’t broadcast a high resolution stream of Nic Cage movies across the web. What we’re actually going to do is a live webcam of the participants watching The Cage Match. Think of it as a super long reaction video. Of course, you’ll be able to listen in on all of your favorites. Any good Nicolas Cage fan should have memorized all of Nic’s lines by now anyways.

We also are switching out two of the movies on our Movie List. Vampire’s Kiss and Zandalee are quite hard to get your hands on these days, so we’re going to substitute them with Leaving Las Vegas, an important Nic milestone seeing as it won him an Oscar, and 8MM, a supposed Nicolas Cage “cult favourite”. While we regret losing these two important pieces of history, we think The Cage Match will benefit.