The Cage Match II: The Reckoning

The Cage Match: Round Two

Because once is never enough. Hell, sixteen aren’t even enough. That’s why we’re pushing to thirty two.

Uh huh.

This is happening. Thirty more hours of panicked expressions, of freakouts and shining non sequiters,  of the most refreshingly uncompromising acting imaginable.

The Match is coming to a classroom (or livestream) near you. Specifically, it’s coming once again to the Communications Residential College — and it’s doing it soon. Real soon.

We could not be happier to announce that the Cage Match II is going down this Friday, April 1st—3rd, 2011. The event will run from 7pm on Friday until 1am Sunday. Believe me when I say with all the earnestness that such an event can muster — We we we so excited. We so excited.

It’s short notice, sure, but that’s not a big deal. Upon receipt of this glorious news we are trusting people to immediately cancel all prior obligations for this weekend, drop everything and come bask in the virtual presence of the one and only NC.  If only, right? Nah seriously we welcome everyone to stop by at least for a flick or two. Can’t sleep? Come watch Cage. Need to kill some time before you go out for the night on Friday? Come watch Cage. Saturday brunch feeling dull? Come watch Cage and eat bagels. Hella bagels.

This match is all new. Check it out –

103min – Vampire’s Kiss (1988)
100min – Zandalee (1991)
98min – Red Rock West (1993)
98min – Deadfall (1993)
111min – Trapped in Paradise (1994)
98min – Snake Eyes (1998)
114min – City of Angels (1998)
121min – Bringing Out The Dead (1999)
125min – The Family Man (2000)
134min – Windtalkers (2002)
116min – Matchstick Men (2003)
122min – Lord of War (2005)
96min – Next (2007)
124min – National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007)
122min – The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans (2009)
109min – The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2010)

Our star, of course, takes the leading role in all of them. And though it pains me personally to see classics like The Wicker Man go, it was unanimously decided among Ben, Geoff and I that this match would be completely fresh. Don’t worry, though; senior year’s (you think I’m kidding) match will probably be a best-of, and come hell or high water The Wicker Man is getting watched again.

We’ve already got about six registered participants, and always happy to expand. If you’re man enough (or woman enough, in fairness) and would like to push through the entire match with us, feel free to drop us a comment or a line at If you’re just coming for a few movies, just show up! Despite nearly overwhelming evidence to the contrary, we’re actually pretty normal people, and would be more than happy to meet fellow Cage fans on campus, film enthusiasts, drunk people wandering in from the Keg, you name it. Hell, you don’t even have to talk to us, just come and collectively enjoy the wonder that is Nicolas.