Cage Match Tracker

During the match we will be keeping a running tally of the many roles Nic takes on.

We are looking for ideas for what to keep track of.  Post any additional suggestions you might have in the comments below and we will try to incorporate as many as possible.  Some we have come up with:

  • Number of Cage Deaths.
  • Number of Cage Rebirths.
  • Number of Cage Sex Scenes.
  • Number of Cage Flip Outs.
  • Number of Drugged up Cage Scenes.
  • Number of Caged up Cage (Jail) Scenes.

Also — more detailed logistical info coming as soon as we can get some sleep. Today has been insane — we’ve been featured on CBS Chicago, Yahoo News, Evanston Patch, all sorts of stuff. Kevin did a radio interview at 7:30 this morning. This is getting way bigger than expected way faster than expected, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Stay tuned.