Movie Sponsorships

Our enthusiasm for Nicolas continues to be matched by the Northwestern Community.

Accordingly, we’re proud to announce a movie sponsorship program — if you pledge a $20 donation to Amnesty, we will shout out your name and a brief (appropriate) message of your choice at the front of the screening room before your selected movie begins to play. Make sure you donate through our link at the top (or here), so that we can track it.

We’re going to be livestreaming, so it could potentially be seen by a decent number of people. Plus, it’s a really nice thing to do.

Our first sponsor is Mr. Benjamin Berkman, a scholar and a gentleman who has gone above and beyond the call of Cage and pledged $40 to sponsor Deadfall, set to be played at midnight on Saturday.

We hope to see a few more sponsorships get claimed by the time the match starts (barely over 24 hours from now!), but we’ll also be accepting sponsorship requests during the match itself through the livestreamed chat that will also be accessible from this page, set to go online by 6.45pm tomorrow.

Until then, feel free to claim a sponsorship in the comments below or by mailing your name, donation amount and message to be announced to


EDIT: So yeah, we got canceled. This sucks, hard. But poor Benjamin (not Ben from the Match) invested $40 bucks in this sponsorship! Goddamn, right? So we’re giving him the Deadfall DVD, signed by the creators of the match as a token of our apology. We’re really sorry.