The Cancelled Match

Inevitably, as is so often the case in this day and age, fun ideas are simply not long for this world.

First of all, we’d like to deeply thank anyone who expressed interest in the event, but we have some bad news.

We regret to inform all potential participants that there will be no Cage Match this weekend; the event as it was scheduled was in violation of both University policy and United States federal copyright law.
We still love Nicolas and look forward to either securing movie rights in the future or finding some other way to honor him, and as always we encourage you to secure and watch as many of his movies in the privacy of your own home as you can. We can no longer in good faith accept donations to the site, as we will not be completing the marathon as pledged. For this, we are deeply apologetic. It was never our intention to mislead anyone, though if it eases the pain somewhat you are welcome to think of the whole thing as an elaborate April fool’s joke.

The Cage Match Team

~This morning the University found our poster somewhere, and sent the following email:

Good afternoon. We recently learned about the plans for the “Cage Match: Round Two.” Though we appreciate the charitable nature of the event, I am writing to ensure that you know of the laws/policies surrounding public movie viewing. Because it is unclear that all applicable laws and policies were followed, it will be necessary for you to cancel and/or postpone this event until we receive documentation that you have secured the licensing rights.

Page 48 of the student handbook states, “Regardless of the number of people in the room and the cost of entry to the video, unless students are in the privacy of their own home, they may not show a rented or purchased video. A Public Performance Site License is a site-based license that allows entertainment films that are produced for ‘home use only’ to be exhibited in a specific public setting. Exhibitions of a video to groups outside the privacy of a home setting can be construed as a public showing that, absent authorization, may constitute copyright infringement. Such performances require specific permission from the copyright owner.”

Because you plan to show these videos outside of your private residence, you need to secure appropriate licensing. Have you done this? If so, please provide us with documentation that you have done so.

Also, no one may use the CRC screening room without authorization and without sponsorship from a CRC member. In talking with the leadership of the Communications Residential College, you have not secured approval to use the CRC screening room for this event.

Please know that it is the expectation of Northwestern University that the movie marathon not happen as advertised. To do so may constitute a violation of university policy and may be prohibited under federal copyright laws.

If you wish to sponsor this event at another time or location on campus, you need to do two things:

* Secure all appropriate movie rights
* Secure an approved venue for the event

To secure movie rights, you can contact either of the following organizations and ask for the Northwestern University representative:

* Swank Motion Pictures – (800) 876-5577
* Criterion Pictures Inc. – (800) 890-9494

To secure an approved venue, you should contact the group or department responsible for the venue. In the case of CRC, you can contact the executive board CRC. You can find their information at

Furthermore, you would need to be able to provide with documentation that you have secured the licensing rights and venue.

If you have questions about this, you can contact me at the information below or you can contact the Office of Student Conduct at 847-491-4582.