Match 3 reflections

So the third annual Cage Match was a resounding success, as we knew it would be.

Some noteworthy events, in no particular order:

1. We maxed out our stream limit at 50 concurrent online viewers at one point around 3pm Saturday, during the Weatherman.
2. We saw Moonstruck, which while kinda unremarkable in its own right, was nice for the psyches of the Matchers. That is, none of us have to be embarrassed anymore when we’re explaining what the Cage Match is and people ask “oh what did you think about Peggy Sue Got Married / Honeymoon in Vegas blahblahblah” and we have to say no, we haven’t seen it. Moonstruck was far and away the most common offender here, and it was always painful to have to explain that because we don’t watch new Cage films outside of the match, we were still unexposed to about 1/3 of his films. Finally we’re able to talk about them all (almost).
3. We got international viewership, with people tuning in from England, Switzerland, and more.
4. We had more people come visit than ever before; we had 8-12 people watching live in our apartment for almost the whole match, with the exception of early Saturday morning.
5. We caught ourselves up on movies that have came out since the Match came into existence in 2010. It’s been pretty painful to have to hold out on things like Seeking Justice and Drive Angry in theaters; helpfully Cage gave us a hand on this front with Trespass by ensuring it was released straight-to-DVD, thereby taking away that temptation.
6. The end of Birdy. What.
7. Time to Kill registers itself as the first movie in Match history wherein half of the watchers went to sleep and the other half intensely regretted not doing so. It opened witih a rape scene and went downhill from there. Ugh.
8. Trespass: Ben — “The whole movie I was tense because I never once understood what the fuck was going on!”
9. The live conclusion… we were so delirious and the movie was so wonderfully bad but we were all just so excited. It’s a movie where all the characters are involved in a hostage situation where literally nobody is actually allied with anybody else, for the duration of the movie. It’s amazing and terrible and hilarious all at once and proved a fantastic finale.

Also it’s not really a singular event but I just wanna personally record how happy I was with the livestream and streamchat specifically. This year we propagated through social media and online communities moreso than the traditional news approach that got us in trouble last year. Specifically this took the shape of a blog post on Teamliquid and two reddit posts to /r/onetruegod (a Nic Cage subreddit, obviously) and /r/homestuck (for which the Cage connection only makes sense if you’ve read it). As a consequence in addition to our friends from home tuning in, we had a solid base of 15 or so at minimum, but usually around 20 random people from around the internet tuning in and providing a running commentary on the movies which was really helpful to the end of holding the live matchers’ attentions and keeping us awake. I even met and got to chat with multiple other homestuck-reading, starcraft-playing Cage fans, which I never expected would ever happen because that’s a pretty damn specific subset of people no matter how you slice it.

Special shoutouts to our longest-running online viewers of Celia, Eliot, and English starcrafter xccam, who all logged around/over twelve hours of online Cage-watchin’ goodness. Also shoutouts to Angrybacon, all of the guys who helped spread news of the Match via tumblr (which I’ll have to stop judging and actually check out sometime, at least for homestuck-goodness), and hallowvortex specifically who drew cage-related live sketches for the chat, including masterpieces like cage firing a gun with his mouth, eigafigmoafac, Cage as Mass Effect’s Shepard, and more.