Final Info

The final venue has been selected as the medium-size CRC screening room. It holds about sixteen people, and has a very nice projector.

The time has not changed; we will be running directly parallel to dance marathon, from 7:00pm Friday evening to 1:00am Sunday morning. If your professor asks why you’re so tired on Monday, mention that you were marathoning for thirty hours the weekend before. You’ll be telling the truth, and he’ll assume you were doing DM, so you might get a break.

The movie list has been updated with the approximate showtimes of the films. For instance, if you only want to watch “Leaving Las Vegas,” with us, we invite you to drop by at 1:30am on Saturday to join us. We’ll have our communication / sign-in system operational by then. I’ve already secured some keys to CRC; all that’s left are some negotiations with the CSO.┬áSee Movies for the updated approximate showtimes.

The donation page hasn’t changed, and we hope to see more coming in as we draw closer and closer to the Match. Do it for the children! Or for Nicolas Cage! Or for the sacrifice that we noble college students will be putting ourselves through, for thirty freaking hours.

Get excited, and we’ll hopefully see you on the fifth!