Cage Match: Round Three
April 6–April 8, 2012
Promotional photo by Flickr user Nicogenin.
A Nicolas Cage movie marathon for charity.
Match Begins at 9PM
Mar 7
The Cage Match is over! Huge success!

Thanks to everyone who attended, donated to, or positively encouraged The Cage Match! We just finished and are going to bed right now, so we’ll do final update after our recovery.

Mar 5
The Cage Match Starts Now

The Cage Match is now running. We’ll be giving updates between movies. Head to Livestream for the streaming video. Come to CRC to drop by; we can fit a lot more people now that we’re in the big lounge.

Edit: An anonymous user just informed us of his/her Livestream account, which will be playing the actual movies, at the same time we’ll be watching them.

Mar 5
Logistical Stuff

A few quick thoughts –

If you’re marathoning with us, (and we’re happy you are), make sure to bring your own food, toiletries, etc. Thirty hours is a long time to go without these things. We do have a fridge and a bathroom ready for you, though.

I’ll be doing a total of 3 runs to the door to let people in. If you want to watch with us, be at the CRC door at 7:00, 7:30, or 8:00 PM. After this, it’s all up to you. If you want to come in sometime Saturday, just call one of us or give us a heads up on the livestream chat. That should be everything. If you have any more questions, leave a comment.

Hope to see you there, or at least online! Look for the link to the stream in the top right of this page, at 7 pm.

Mar 4
Happy Cage Match Eve

With The Cage Match just around the corner, and our new Facebook event set up, we thought we would clarify all of the details:

  • Start: 7pm March 5, 2010.
  • End: 1am March 7, 2010.
  • Length: 30 hours, 20 minutes.
  • Venue: CRC, Screening Room.
  • Movies: See Movies.
  • Livestream: Not online yet… keep checking!
  • Rules: None.

The online stream will go up when the first movie starts. If you are going to show up for a film or two, us full-length attendees won’t be able to continually let you in. Security begins at 8:30pm and ends at 5:30am, so in that window, you need to find your own way into CRC. Otherwise, feel free to drop in and get some Cage.

Feb 23
Final Info

The final venue has been selected as the medium-size CRC screening room. It holds about sixteen people, and has a very nice projector.

The time has not changed; we will be running directly parallel to dance marathon, from 7:00pm Friday evening to 1:00am Sunday morning. If your professor asks why you’re so tired on Monday, mention that you were marathoning for thirty hours the weekend before. You’ll be telling the truth, and he’ll assume you were doing DM, so you might get a break.

The movie list has been updated with the approximate showtimes of the films. For instance, if you only want to watch “Leaving Las Vegas,” with us, we invite you to drop by at 1:30am on Saturday to join us. We’ll have our communication / sign-in system operational by then. I’ve already secured some keys to CRC; all that’s left are some negotiations with the CSO. See Movies for the updated approximate showtimes.

The donation page hasn’t changed, and we hope to see more coming in as we draw closer and closer to the Match. Do it for the children! Or for Nicolas Cage! Or for the sacrifice that we noble college students will be putting ourselves through, for thirty freaking hours.

Get excited, and we’ll hopefully see you on the fifth!

Feb 16
Some Updates

As the big day approaches, we have some updates about The Cage Match. We are going to be hosting it in a screening room at CRC.

We’ve got online streaming ready to go. For obvious copyright reasons, we can’t broadcast a high resolution stream of Nic Cage movies across the web. What we’re actually going to do is a live webcam of the participants watching The Cage Match. Think of it as a super long reaction video. Of course, you’ll be able to listen in on all of your favorites. Any good Nicolas Cage fan should have memorized all of Nic’s lines by now anyways.

We also are switching out two of the movies on our Movie List. Vampire’s Kiss and Zandalee are quite hard to get your hands on these days, so we’re going to substitute them with Leaving Las Vegas, an important Nic milestone seeing as it won him an Oscar, and 8MM, a supposed Nicolas Cage “cult favourite”. While we regret losing these two important pieces of history, we think The Cage Match will benefit.

Jan 30
Donations Now Online

After working with Amnesty International, we have set up a way to track users donating directly. Now you can begin donating to the cause! We would like to note that us attendees are funding the marathon ourselves; 100% of the funds raised on the web go towards Amnesty International. Unlike Nicolas’s character in Lord of War, we all recognize the need for consistent human rights around the world.  By donating to Amnesty International, you can help us protect human rights and ensure that our Nicolas Cage movie marathon is a success.

Jan 21
Date Set!

The Cage Match has been scheduled to happen from 7:00 p.m. March 5th to 1:00 a.m. March 7th, 2010. It will be held either at CRC or a lounge in Foster Walker Complex. Get excited.

For NU students wanting to attend, this is the Friday before reading week, running parallel to Northwestern’s Dance Marathon. We very much respect DM and are certainly not trying to compete with it, yet we also feel that if you are too lazy or otherwise reluctant to dance for 30 hours, you’re cordially invited to come watch Nicolas Cage with us for 30 hours instead. That way you’re still contributing to a charitable cause, and you only have to sacrifice your self-respect or mental stability, as opposed to your feet.

Finally, extended movie profiles will be appearing over the next few weeks as we learn more about the virtues of each film. Right now we’re just linking to IMDb, but we’re looking for something classier.

Jan 10
Picking a Charity

The charity for this event has been chosen as Amnesty International. Of all of the choices for charities, Amnesty International was picked on the basis that Nicolas Cage himself donated $2 million to establish a fund to help former child soldiers, as well as supporting Amnesty International’s Control Arms Campaign and Stop Violence Against Women Campaign.

See Donate for donation information.

Jan 9
The Movie List

After much deliberation, the organizers have finally decided upon a movie list. The selections vary greatly, from left-field character pieces to action blockbusters, and we tried to evenly represent the many onscreen faces of Nicolas Cage. Our only regret is that we can’t watch them all. The total movie list is 16 movies long, and clocks in at almost exactly 30 hours.

See Movies for the full list.